How to join . . .

Why not come along to a Club night and enjoy an evening informal Scottish Country Dancing in a friendly atmosphere. You can pay each time you come or you can join the Club by paying an annual subscription.

Committee 2017/18

Office Bearers
Chairperson: Sheila Simpson
Vice-Chair: Vacant
Secretary/Treasurer: June Smith (Tel: 01241 854 418)
Maureen Bremner
Lynn Carnegie
Cedric de Voil
Billy Morrison
Ros Taylor
Anna Wilson
Tom Wilson

Subscriptions . . .

Full: 30/annum
Seniors: 25/annum
Single Evening: 2

Refreshments . . .

Tea/Coffee: 20p
Biscuits: 10p
Please bring own cup

Venue . . .

September - May
7.30pm - 9.30pm
Kinloch Care Centre, Braid Hall
Street Map

The Club . . .

The Carnoustie Scottish Country Dance Club (CSCDC) is an independent club formed in 1975, with its own constitution and committee. The club typically has about 30 members who meet weekly during the Autumn, Winter and Spring seasons to enjoy Scottish Country Dance in an informal setting. The dancing, very ably led by June Smith, has an extremely varied repertoire, ranging from old favourites to new creations, from simple ones to the more complex ones. We always have a good laugh! The music is by CD player.

Recaps and walk-throughs are given for all dances.

The club organises and runs an excellent propramme of social dances throughout the year, usually held in the Beach Hall in the Carnoustie Leisure Centre, with a Spring Dance, five Summer Dances and a Winter Dance. On occasions, the Club hosts one or more charity dances.

Have a look at our current programme of dances in the Events page.

Visitors are warmly welcomed to the club nights and to the social dances. Why not come and join us.

History of the Club . . .

The Club was founded in 1975 by Douglas Keiller, set-up as an independent Scottish County Dance Club.

The Club first met in British Legion Hall in Park Avenue, but since then has used a number of other venues, including the Panmure Centre, the Brax Hotel (no longer exists), the Bruce Hotel (now flats), the Holyrood Church Hall and now in the Kinloch Care Centre. Press cuttings of the period show that the Club was very active in promoting local dances and events, as well as donating to various charities. In 1976 the Carnoustie Club took over the running of the Council sponsored Scottish Country Summer Dances in the original Beach Hall after the Town Council could no longer support these dances in their summer entertainments programme.

The Club was then very active in promoting SCD, not only in the local area and in nearby communities, but developed contacts with many other countries abroad. They forged links, which still continue today, with the St Andrews RSCDS Summer school.

It is interesting to note that a well known local band, the Maple Leaf Band (now retired), was associated with the Club in 1977, not long after the Club was founded.

The Club has a scrap book containing press cuttings from the Club inauguration to 1985, when the Club celebrated its 10th Anniversary.

Venues . . .

The usual venues are as follows, unless otherwise stated in dance notices.

Weekly club meetings

Club meetings are held in the Braid Hall, Kinloch Street, Carnoustie, DD7 7EN. Enter via the Kinloch St entrance.

Summer Dances

The Beach Hall, Carnoustie Leisure Centre (Links Parade, Carnoustie, DD7 7JB)

Social Events & Charity Dances

The Philip Hall (High Steet, Carnoustie - opposite the Church of Scotland, on corner with Links Avenue)